Establishing a Bi-lateral Agreement With Panama

Establishing a Bi-lateral Agreement With Panama

We continue to strengthen relations between Belize and Panama. A successful trip organized for the Belize delegation from the National Institute of Culture and History. Many thanks go out to Panama’s Deputy Minister of Commerce and Industry, H.E. Mr. Manuel Grimaldo, and Mrs. Marta Boza, Ambassador of Panama to Belize.


Read the press release from Panama’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry:

Panama and Belize: A foreign policy for development and cooperation

A delegation from the institute of culture of Belize, they went to panama accompanied by Ambassador Marta Irene Boza, to comply with a programme of meetings and tour to learn the craft sector panamanian and all the benefits offered by the government to the artisans to promote and market their Products. And so the delegation of Belize to see how to replicate the programmes that have given excellent in advocacy and economic development. On this tour it is worth noting that visits to artisan workshops with an excellent quality of products and were evaluated in order to provide training in Belize.

Between the visits that were made were participated in a meeting with the Deputy Minister of domestic trade, LIC. Manuel Grimaldo, who gave them a special attention to the Belizean delegation to known as panama is moving in the strengthening of the culture and traditions in addition to a business platform attractive to visitors and tourists.

The Deputy Minister Grimaldo, stressed that the government’s interest is to support this sector to organize and develop this work in a source of permanent employment.
Also, Ambassador Boza, I emphasize that it is giving him all the support to Belize in being able to be in contact with the department of arts and crafts of the ministry of trade in order to enable them to learn everything related to the work that the government is pushing to support this sector Cultural which is important for the country.

The delegations of Belize expressed their gratitude to those who have supported this initiative in terms of cooperation that drives in working towards a better quality of products and other items in crafts and so strengthen to craft and traditional groups in Belize copying the experience of this brother country.